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Epic Fail! Guy Tries Dunk A Basketball Over A Car [Video]
We've all seen numerous NBA halftime shows in which the team mascot tries to dunk a basketball with the aid of a trampoline. Well, in this video a guy tries to dunk a basketball over a car with the aid of a trampoline. The only problem is that he fails miserably.
Epic Fail! 4 Incredible Basketball Shot Misses [Video]
This video might explain why Belgium is not a basketball powerhouse.  It's a video of a basketball player that gets a rebound after an opposing team has taken a foul shot, he then tries to make a basket after the rebound.  The only problem is that he's shooting at his OWN BASKET!
Epic Fail Rap! [Video]
When I think of rap, this is exactly what I'm NOT THINKING OF!
Not only do these KIDS not know how to rap, they just don't know HOW to rap!
Enjoy this painfully!
The Most Painful Accidents Ever!! [Video]
I can't help but say "OUCH!"
Everything from nut shots, to falling off your roller blades, to your "face to the floor"<~~~That was a Chevelle reference!
Anyway, enjoy this painful video and have a good day!

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