Investment Banker Sends Craziest Stalker Email Ever
We like to give advice –we tell you what to buy, how to dress and occasionally how to please your lady.  Now, we want to share with you how to scare the ever-loving crap out of your lady by showing you this insane email from an investment banker from New York City.
ASARCO Tower: NOT “one of the largest structures in the World”
There's been a lot of talk about the fate of the Asarco Smokestack as the demolition date is approaching and still no deal has been struck. Some of the arguments are solid on BOTH sides of the issue. But some are simply fatarded. Here's a quick analysis of some of the more bunk-o-riffic ar…
What’s Your Dumbest Text Story?
We've all sent texts to the wrong person, "drunk texted" and/or even had a "sext" fall into the wrong hands. Embarrasing but hey; "no harm, no foul" right??