Epic Fail! Guy Tries Dunk A Basketball Over A Car [Video]
We've all seen numerous NBA halftime shows in which the team mascot tries to dunk a basketball with the aid of a trampoline. Well, in this video a guy tries to dunk a basketball over a car with the aid of a trampoline. The only problem is that he fails miserably.
Dunk Step: 5-foot-9 TDub Shows Us How The Dunk Is Done [VIDEO]
We've seen ex-UTEP dunk artist Randy Culpepper do his thing here in El Paso, but arguably the best dunker around is 5'9" TDub of Team Flight Brothers. Add ESPN, a little Dub Step, some spectacular slow-motion photography, SportsNation's Michelle Beadle, a car and Venice Beach…
Kid: “Come On, LeBron! Enroll in the NBA Dunk Contest!” [VIDEO]
Smart kid, and he has a future in sports talk radio! LeBron, how could you ignore that youthful enthusiasm, not to mention the reasoning? When he talks about 49 states cheering for you...except for Ohio -- man, not only is that a great line but he's also showing he knows his geography! How many…
Happy Birthday Vince Carter!
Phoenix Suns basketball player Vince Carter turns 34 today. Some people call him an underachiever but in his defense, he probably has one of the best dunks of all time. Check out the video below: