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TV Magic Trick Goes Horribly Wrong
"And for my next trick, I will hold back the tears that want to roll down my cheeks."
A magician in Bolivia went on TV and screwed up a trick BIG TIME. He lined up three paper cups, and one of them had a spike under it. He was SUPPOSED to flatten the other two cups with his hand.
Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globes Evisceration!
In what may well be his LAST job as a presenter of a major awards show, English comic actor Ricky Gervais didn't miss many, if ANY, chances to roast Hollywood unmercifully, beginning with his opening monologue where he went after Charlie Sheen, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp,…
A Study in Contrasts
Sometimes, a picture is made a thousand times more awesome by some random thing that was accidentally captured in the background.  This is one of those cases. Swedish model Victoria Silvstedt was being photographed on the beach in a bikini recently, and she just happened to be walking…
The Targets Aren’t Moose
America's political climate is taking a lot of heat after Jared Loughner's Tucson rampage. When a member of Congress gets shot, even if it's by a mentally unstable person, it's unavoidable to link the shooting to politics.  And no one's wasted any time doing that.
She Got Boobs, Babe
Remember Mary Bono?  She's been in Congress ever since her husband, the legendary Sonny Bono, skied into a tree and died in 1998.
Well, RadarOnline.com just posted pictures of Mary having her tatas tongued by a campaign donor named Edra Blixseth four years ago.
Creepy With a Capital “K”
Tucson killer Jared Loughner was a loner whose motivations are still unkown. The police and the FBI have been trying to figure out Loughner's motivations for the shooting. On his MySpace, he posted several rants about literacy rates. He also ranted on YouTube about inventing a new American curr…
WTF Kitty!
Meet WTF Kitty, which may or may not take the place of the Dramatic Chipmunk.
A sweet, innocent little kitten is frolicking in the grass when suddenly it freezes and gives us an expression that could only be read: "WTF!"
Naturally, somebody else has added the Dramatic Chipmunk music …
UTEP Plays Stone Solid “D” in Win
By Duke Keith, dkeith@klaq.com
Per the headline -- not to mention the stat line -- it's a little deceptive to lead a story about UTEP's 69-59 defensive win over Tulsa with this video. But what the heck, it's too good to hold back...
A Cheeky Race
There was no sun at the Sun Bowl. But there was a moon...
Thanks to Bob Theriot, who says, "This is what happens when people drinking since 8:00 in the a.m. tailgate and challenge each other to a foot race..."
Rex Ryan Likes to Play Kinky Footsie?
New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan has made a lot of headlines this year.
He's coach of an NFL team in the biggest media market in America. He cusses a LOT. He may have made or urged others to make untoward comments to muy caliente Mexican TV reporter Ines Sainz.
And he may have a foot fetish.

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