Dialing for Dingbats

AUDIO: Torturing Telemarketers-The Belligerent Marketer
Here's this morning's Torturing Telemarketers.
This one is interesting because of how angry the telemarketer gets! Usually, they reach a point where they become so irate they hang up on us. For whatever reason, this guy sounds unable to hang up. You'll hear what I mean.
Click on the jum…
AUDIO: Torturing Telemarketers
Today's Torturing Telemaketers  is a classic.
Listen as the poor telemarketer in India someplace trying to explain why he can't meet up and have sex with John's elderly wife on St. Patrick's Day!
To hear the audio from today's Torturing Telemarketers click on the jump lin…
AUDIO: Torturing Telemarketers-Dookie in the Tub
As Alec Baldwin's character Blake said in Glengarry Glen Ross, the secret to being a salesman is A.B.C.  A-always. B-be. C-closing. A.B.C.. Always be closing.
Listen to this week's Torturing Telemarketers and notice the guy's dedication to this sales ethos. He's not phased by…
(AUDIO) Torturing Telemarketers: Bedroom Remodeling
Here's another Torturing Telemarketers call. A couple things to note while listening to this one.
1.) The telemarketer puts his supervisor on to help and the supervisor's English is way worse than the first guy's.
2.) The supervisor ends the pitch by saying "All I can do is pra…
20th Anniversary Audio: Dead Snake Prank Call (AUDIO)
Tomorrow is my 20th Anniversary Morning Show which we'll be doing live at L& J Cafe at 3622 E. Missouri. Come watch us do the show and get the Best of the Morning Show 1992-2012 c.d for only $10.
Here's one of our Dialing for Dingbats prank calls that I still get requests for....&am…
DIALING FOR DINGBATS: The Worst Telemarketer Ever
Seriously. Usually, the humorous element of this is when our guy John/Hank/Mr. Spagnoli torments the poor telemarketer. In this one, it's the bizarre, hobo-sounding telemarketer that rattles us!
Click on the jump to hear the audio for yourself....

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