courtney nelson

Funny Go Pro Face [Video]
Go Pro cameras are the cameras that people mount on their helmets so that you basically see what they see when they so various stunts.
Courtney Nelson Says Goodbye to El Paso and KLAQ [VIDEO]
Sadly, today is Courtney Nelson's last day here at KLAQ. He's moving on to other tasks (Mr. Mom) in another city. We wish Courtney all the best with everything he does, and we know he'll be incredible at them!
Courtney joined us in the 80's and hosted the incredibly popular mornin…
KLAQ’s Pirate Party at Club 101 Gallery [PHOTOS]
Friday, April 29th, the Pirate Party hit Club 101 for a night of fun and booty!
There were cash prizes given out, movie passes to see Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides, and even a chance at a $35,000 boat! KLAQ's Rick Mardi Gras partied on the air from Club 101, and Glenn Garza, Buzz Adams,…