KLAQ’s Facebook Fan Of The Week – Sandra Revuelta
It’s Monday and time for another Facebook fan of the week.
Meet Sandra Revuelta, this week’s fan of the week. Sandra gets a Q prize pack full of KLAQ goodies and collectibles. Want to be next week’s fan? Find out how to nominate yourself below.
More Submissions For KLAQ’s Half-Assed Christmas Light Contest
If you are driving around El Paso and happen to see a house that has been decorated for Christmas with little effort, send it to us for a chance to win some sweet prizes! We only have a few submissions so you have a pretty good chance to win the grand prize of $100, Sun Bowl tickets and KLAQ T-Shirt…
Enter the KLAQ “Most Regrettable Tattoo” Removal Contest
A few weeks ago, we held a contest for Texas Showdown tickets. To win, we asked our listeners to send in a photo of their worst tattoo. Boy, were we surprised when we got dozens of really, really bad tattoo photos. Luckily for them, our friends at Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center of El Paso have …

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