Kid: “Come On, LeBron! Enroll in the NBA Dunk Contest!” [VIDEO]
Smart kid, and he has a future in sports talk radio! LeBron, how could you ignore that youthful enthusiasm, not to mention the reasoning? When he talks about 49 states cheering for you...except for Ohio -- man, not only is that a great line but he's also showing he knows his geography! How many…
Hiney’s “Hiney” Of The Week! [Pic]
OK, FREAKS! We already have the Local Boobs of the Day, but I myself, am a HINEY man! So, I am looking for the Hiney's 'Hiney' of the Week! Send a pic of YOUR HINEY in short shorts, tight pants, spandex, bikini bottoms or boy shorts to
See and Meet Motley Crue in Las Vegas!
This Feb. 3 - 19, Motley Crue will rock a 12-show marathon at the legendary Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. We're giving you the chance to fly out to see the show for yourself - and meet the band!
P.O.D. Launch Logo Design Contest. [Video]
P.O.D., also known as Payable on Death, are giving fans the opportunity to create a new logo for the band. The group will use the new design on its forthcoming new album and will pay the winner $500, give him or her a VIP ticket to a show of their choice, and give him or her exposure on its social-m…

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