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Comic Book Shopping With Corey Taylor
Before Stone Sour rocked Tricky Falls last night, Corey Taylor went comic book shopping with the grand prize winner of our comic book quiz, Carlos. Taylor shared his comic book knowledge, spent some money and showed off his Bane impression.
Stone Sour Superfan Stalks the KLAQ Studio
This morning on the KLAQ Morning Show, we gave away tickets for the Stone Sour concert at Tricky Falls, to the lucky winners of our comic book quiz. One guy couldn't get through on the phone lines, so he decided to run over to the studio from the Sun Bowl.
Half-Assed Christmas Light Winner Announced!
After looking at literally almost dozens (18) entries we have chosen our winner for the Half-Assed Christmas Light Contest and Eddie Holguin Spirit of Christmas Award! The winner is at the very bottom of this post but, first, let’s look at some of the runners up. Truly, they all embody the spi…
KLAQ Costume Contest Finalists
We received hundreds, HUNDREDS, of photos for the first KLAQ Morning Show costume contest this weekend. Here are the top 10 finalists in each category, sexy, funny, and overall awesome.
UPDATE: Winners are Kitana, Roger Rabbit, and Toy Story Soldiers

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