Air Guitar Throwdown!! Would YOU do it?!?
Official rules of competition
US Air Guitar obeys the rules set forth by the Air Guitar World Championships:
- Each performance is played to 1 minute (60 sec.) of a song
- The 60 seconds can start anywhere in the song
What Teams Are Most Desperate To Win Their First Championships?
You never forget your first love and you can bet you never forget your first title.
The Dallas Mavericks, in business since 1980, have claimed their first NBA title in franchise history by knocking off the vaunted Miami Heat. The Vancouver Canucks, who’ve been in the NHL since 1970, came oh-so-close …
Tigers Undo Miners for Conference USA Title

(UTEP & Memphis post-game interview video below)
By Duke Keith:,
Now you see it, now you don't.
An opportunity for the UTEP Miners to not sweat Selection Sunday escaped them like a 12-point second half lead. Like a missed free throw. Like a long rebound.
UTEP le…