chad reed

San Diego Supercross!
95-5 KLAQ ... Motorcycle Monday, Presidents day edition!! Supercross makes it's way to San Diego this time around ... over 53,000 fans sitting through some rain to watch the mud bog begin!
95-5 KLAQ ROX Motorcycle Monday!
I know, I know .. it was all about the superbowl this weekend; but that was Sunday. Saturday it was alllll about the California sun and a sold out Supercross crowd in Anaheim!
Motorcycle Monday – 1/17/11
Here it comes ... Motorcycle Monday!
 Everybody in Phoenix this weekend for Supercross. Including me!  Not for the race though   :(     I was there for Social Distortion.  :)    Mike and company tearing it UUUUP at The Marquee in Phoeni…