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Funniest Wedding Vows EVER! (Video)
Your wedding day is supposed to be so solemn, so serious. I am so glad this video came along. This woman is so damn funny! Her laugh is infectious! And her groom doesn't seem to be so surprised that his soon to be wife is losing it. This is one wedding I would have liked to have been invit…
Frisbee Diving Dog (Video)
I think this dog has a lot of talent. He is able to bring two frisbees up from the bottom of the pool. And bonus, there's a turtle at the bottom. Very clever!
One Big Happy Family (Video)
This is a video of a homeless man in Santa Barbara and his pets. They work State Street every week for donations. The animals are pretty well fed and are mellow. They are a family. The man who owns them rigged a harness up for his cat so she wouldn't have to walk so much (like the dog and himse…
Freakish Static Dog! (Video)
These people need to use dryer sheets when they wash and dry their blankets! This little maltese is tooooo cute! I wonder what he feels like! The Phil Spector of dogs!
Two Brits Visit Walmart [Video]
I love all things British! Two British guys named Alex and Liam visited Walmart for the first time, and loved it! They were amazed at everything you could purchase under one roof.

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