buzz adams

Good News, Bad News Of The Week
This week on Good News and Bad News of the week. Buzz talks about Tony Romo, ESPN announcers not being able to say the word sucks and much more. Listen to it here!
KLAQ MoSho Wows Fans as Marvel Zombies
The KLAQ Halloween Parade was, once again, a smashing success due in no small part to the KLAQ Morning Show's tribute to Marvel Zombies. Check out the photo...
Pictured, from left to right..
      Zombie Thor
Secret Identity: Duke Keith
Main Power: Super Asgardian appetite for brains and donuts but most…
Final Patio Concert Show Tonight at the State Line
The Patio Concert series is drawing to a close but we have one more awesome free show for you at the State Line. Tonight, blues guitar phenom Ryan McGarvey performs. Guitar Player magazine just name him "Newcomer of the Year" for 2013 and, much like Ralph Macchio in Crossroads, "this …

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