Babes of BalloonFest 2015
We had a some beautiful ladies walking around Wet N' Wild. A few ladies were kind enough to let us take a photo of them and honor them with the title of Balloonfest babes.
Man Walks Woman Around on a Leash, Internet Freaks Out
Social media users are freaking out over photos of a woman on a leash being walked around by a man. The couple was seen walking around the New Springville neighborhood of Staten Island and made everyone feel so awkward, they had to post about it on Instagram.
Brave Women Try on the C-String Bikini
KLAQ Balloonfest is coming up soon, so ladies, make sure you start planning your festival outfit. Since it is happening at Wet-n-Wild, you're going to want to find that perfect bikini and I think I can help you out by introducing you to the C-String.

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