Easter Is On 420 This Year!
This year pot heads all across the world have reason to celebrate because Easter falls on 420. We decided to pay tribute to these important Holidays with a song.
4/20 Wake N’ Bake Special!!!
Wake N' Bake and head to Pastry Chef Cafe for an amazing breakfast or pick up all your munchies for the day!
Pastry Chef is open 7am until 5pm and is located at 126 Shadow Mountain.
Special:  Buy one breakfast or lunch and get the second meal half off because we know you can eat for two on 4…
Should the US Legalize Marijuana?
As we inch up on the 4/20 "holiday", you're probably be going to be hearing a lot about Mary Jane.  I thought I'd get this particular "media frenzy" started with the age old question; to legalize or not to leagalize??

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