We have all seen the Lady gaga "Telephone" and the Carly Rae Jepsen "Call Me Maybe" parodies that soldiers have done while overseas. Now, there is a new song and movie that a group of hilarious soldiers have copied.  Why, it could be greased lightning!



While soldiers are serving overseas, they work extremely hard which means they need some way to let off a little steam. Lucky for us this group of Swedish Marines stationed in Afghanistan decided they wanted to do it by making a parody video. The classic 1971 film "Grease" has tons of great songs, but the one we all love to sing along with is "Greased Lightening." I love these Marines for their spirit and dancing abilities, but I also can't stop checking out their Danny Zucko. Similar outfit, awesome hair on both their heads but I am loving the Marine's mustache. Kind of looks like he is channeling Freddy Mercury. Watch the video below!