I hear these two sentences all the time: "Music should be free" and "support local music". (Sometimes from the same person!)  Here's why one statement is true and the other one is BS!

"Support Local Music" is the statement that is true, correct and should always be followed! Go see a show, buy a cd ... get a shirt as well if you can!  The big monster bands may be doing ok cash-wise, but even national bands like Avenged Sevenfold or Five Finger Death Punch can have trouble covering the overhead sometimes.  I know, they've told me!  If they can feel a little strapped on the road, you know the little guys and local rockers are living on next to nothing.

Don't believe me?  Check out this article about life on the road and watch how $600 a night on tour translates (maybe) to $13.12 a day per member.

Tim Boyles (Getty Images)

For the little guys, self produced cds and t-shirts pretty much make up ALL the money they get. Next time you see a local band, get off that elitist "all art should be free" crap and look at what these bands put into playing and recording for your enjoyment. They're away from home, they're missing birthdays and family events .. and they're about to starve doing it!

Whether it's a local band or a "baby band" passing through town, skip a drink or two and use that money to buy a shirt. Get the cd.  A sticker ... anything.  Life on the road ain't easy, it's even harder when you can't eat or afford the gas to get back home!

Every up and coming band is local somewhere so, Support Local Music!