If you're the gambling type, (or just happen to be sitting in Vegas Saturday with nothing to do), here's a tip (sheet) for you!! Saturday, Supercross is in Phoenix for Round 2 of the 2012 season!  If you're in a location where betting is allowed; the experts at Supercross.com have come up with a "trend report" that may help you win!!  Especially if you're new to the sport and aren't real familiar with the riders.

Follow this link, read up and good luck!!  At the moment, the favorites are Villopoto, Reed, Stewart (as long as he doesn't wreck...) and Dungey.

They also posted a preview of the Phoeniz race at supercross.com done by Rick Johnson!  

Here's what he had to say about my favorite this year (for 2nd anyway, 1st looks to be all Villopotos'!) Ryan Dungey:

Ryan really surprised me with how smooth and consistent he was o his KTM. I didn't see him make many mistakes. The one thing I think he's doing is holding back a bit. Again, you can't win the championship at the first race, but you can damage your chances for the season if you make a big mistake. To my understanding, he had the fastest lap of the entire main event. I think now that's he's got that first race under his belt, you'll see a little more aggressiveness at the next race in Phoenix.

Click the link to read his thoughts on the others >>> supercross.com!

Ride safe!!