Tune in Sunday night at 10 p.m. for the best new and local rock, rock news and more during Q Connected.

Sunday night, on Q Connected, check out new rock from Giraffe Tounge Orchestra, (featuring members of Alice In Chains, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Jane's Addiction and others!), Shallow Side, Trapt, Islander, Citizen Zero, Bridge To Grace and more.

Plus, Local locos including Biscuit Roller, Arcadian, Years Of Cold ... just to name a few! (Check Y.O.C. out in the videos!)

Got a local band for Q Connected? Let Dubba G know via email ( ggarza@klaq.com), or call (915) 544-9550. For the record, “local band” means:

  • The band lives within 200 miles of El Paso.
  • The band regularly plays live shows within 150 miles of El Paso.
  • The band submits an original, well recorded and mixed rock song.

NOTE:  Rules are flexible and subject to change. Got a question? Ask!