They're already up and running!!

Or "selling", I guess I should say!

The Sun City Yard Sale is going on now at Cohen Stadium in the northeast and anything and everything is up for grabs!  Individuals and businesses are all gathered together in one place for your shopping convenience!

Sure, you can drive around town from yard sale to yard sale, but one trip to Cohen is all you need!  It's only $3.00 to get in (Two people get in for $5 and .. with a canned food item ... you can get in for only $2.00!!) and there are refreshments available!


Beats $10, $20 or more in gas and wasted drive time right??

Heads up to all the metal heads, rockers and sports fans; be sure and visit my boss/partner Kevin!  He's got lots of collectables you might like!  (He's up top, by the concession stands!)

Here are a few pics I took this morning while everyone was just starting to set up ... there are LOTS of vendors out there now. All waiting for YOU!