Bikers, non-bikers, rockers and lovers of hot women ... this weekend is for YOU!

Barnett Harley - Davidson is hosting the 3rd annual Sun City Bike Fest!  An entire weekend of bikes, rock, hotties and plenty of food and brews kicks off tomorrow at noon!

Custom bike builder, musician and Sons Of Anarchy star Rusty Coones will be there along with the world famous ... and insanely hot ... Flaunt Girls and live rock including a performance by Mini-Kiss.  The world's only, full on, midget Kiss tribute band!  Other bands include Rockabilly Strangers, Bash, Tsunami of The Dead, Los Traques & Cowboy Floyd.


On top of the bike show, there's also a bike stunt show and loads of vendors spread out over 2 solid days of fun! Plan on making a whole weekend of it but, if you can't do both days, stop by Sunday between noon and 2!  That's when I'll be there with FREE KLAQ stuff to give away!  T-shirts, CDs and more!!

Wanna know more about the Flaunt Girls?  I thought so, click here.  Last year was a blast and, trust me folks, this year is going to make last year look tame!!

For more info, visit the Sun City Bike Fest event page, or click here.

The Flaunt and SOA vids are probably NSFW!