The University of Texas Chancellor has reversed his earlier decision and now the Julio Cesar Chavez HBO fight will go on at the Sun Bowl.  We did a song parody last week, which you can hear at the bottom of this post.

You'd think I'd be happy now that this unfair decision has been rescinded. I'm not, though.  The fact that the UT Chancellor could so casually reverse his opinion that El Paso was too dangerous to hold a boxing event, only leads me to believe that there was no credible threat to begin with.  Hopefully, we'll know soon the results of an Open Records requests into what the original "threat" was. My guess is the whole thing stemmed from the "El Paso is next to Mexico, therefore it must be a dangerous no-man's land" misconception that we've heard from our own Governor and State Agriculture Commissioner, among others.

What we keep hearing is that the "threat" involved the possibility that Mexican drug cartel baddies in attendance. I think fight promoter Bob Arum had the best and most concise response to that argument....

"Of course members of the cartels will come. When I first started promoting, there were mafia families at Madison Square Garden," Arum said. "It would seem like a good place to arrest them."

Well said, sir. Well said.   Here's the Parody we did about the UT Systems unfair and, frankly, bizarre original decision.