Sometimes when I go to the mall or somewhere where a lot of hip teenagers are, I hear words that are common used in the strangest ways. Here is a list of some of the dumbest new slang words that are now used by young people. Kids, ruining the English language. 

  • 1


    This word used to mean that you wanted something to drink. Now, thirsty means that you are desperate for something. Mostly sex.

    Example: These hoes are thirsty tonight.

  • 2

    Turnt Up

    I think this comes from "turned up." Like, turn up the volume, energy, drama or something else. Now, "turnt up" means to party crazy, get wild or have a ton of fun.

    Example: We about to get turnt up in here!

  • 3

    You So Extra

    Uhh, I really don't know the exact origins of this slang. You would have to look at the meaning of the slang to guess where it came from. When you say "you so extra," someone is loud and annoying.

    Example: You so extra when you talk football.

  • 4


    This word has similar meaning to "turnt up." It means you are getting wild or crazy with something.

    Example: I got so lit smoking last night.

  • 5


    This comes from the original meaning of OD- overdose. It means you are having a lot of something.

    Example: I just OD'd on pizza right now. I'm so full.

  • 6


    Do not confuse this with a buttaface girl, which means everything is attractive about her buttaface. "Butta" means someone who is good-looking.

    Example: That new girl in class is butta.

  • 7

    Church or Preach

    These two words can be used for the same meaning. When you agree with a statement someone is making, you say either of these words.

    Example: I can't stand our math teacher. He never makes sense and his tests are way too hard.

    Preach son!

  • 8


    Sad to say, but I use this one all the time. It is a short version of crazy.

    Example: That girl is acting cray cray.

  • 9


    Saying that someone is annoying or stupid.

    Example: That chick is such a basic bitch.

  • 10


    This stands for "hard as a mother f*cker."

    Example: I went straight HAM at the gym today!