They came in like a wrecking ball, and now the wrecking ball is no more.


Students at Grand Valley State University are upset that their beloved statue on the campus has been removed. On Tuesday, the statue which was installed in 1974, was removed due to students riding the pendulum and even the ball even has a Twitter account. The account, @GVSUball, encouraged students to ride the ball and post their own video versions. The students rallied at the site of the statue to sing Miley's song and ask school administrators to put their ball back.

The school said for safety reasons they had removed the ball because they did not know how strong the beam was the ball is attached to, and if it could hold the extra weight of students riding it. Also, the cable that suspends the ball began to fray with the added weight from students riding it.

Here is the news story about why school officials believe it had to be taken down, and the damage down to the ball.

And this video is the main reason they should put it back up.