It's now been more than a week since I was in El Paso and I miss you (yes, all of you!) already! You guys really showed me that El Paso can party at Balloonfest and I can't wait to do it again with you at Streetfest! While I can't be in El Paso all the time, I can keep up with what's going on there by checking the ever-moving wall here on Here's some of my favorites to move across the wall this week:

With as much fun as I had at Balloonfest, I can't wait for Streetfest. Not only am I excited to see all the bands (Theory of a Deadman, Saliva, Filter, Candlebox and more!) I can't wait to see all the fun that transpires when we all take over downtown El Paso to party together! While we have to wait a couple of weeks for the actual party, you can check out all of our coverage on our Streetfest page -- where you'll get info about what's going on at Streetfest 2012 and can check out the fun from Streetfests of years past.

As the class of 2012 tosses their caps in the air, gets their diplomas and sets out into the world, Buzz has some solid advice for them. It's so solid, it should probably be printed on the back of diplomas. My personal favorite tidbit from Buzz: "When you finally do get a job, do not reheat any fish or fish-based entrees in the break room microwave." Good advice, Buzz.

Balloonfest 2012 may be a couple of weeks behind us, but looking at hot chicks in bikinis in slow motion never gets old. Duke put together an awesome video that brings back the great memories from my last visit to El Paso. You can look back at all of our Balloonfest 2012 coverage HERE!

Is the Zombie Apocalypse coming? With all the recent news of zombie-like attacks, Johnnie Walker has been preparing for the end. Has he been building a fort? Stocking up on weapons and food? Nah. He's been putting together zombie-fighting playlists and lists of the best zombie movies to get ready. Check out his hard work!

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