We all have one. That special stoner in your life. Maybe it’s your kid or your older brother. Maybe, if you’re lucky, it’s your professor. Buying gifts from them was never hard. A bag of Funyuns usually does the trick, but this year you can really make them happy with our list of best stoner gift ideas.

  • 1

    An Apple Bong

    Who couldn’t use another bong? Station Recreation in El Paso has everything you need. Click the photo to go to their Facebook page.

  • 2

    These new cinnamon roll cookies from Keebler

    I ate these little suckers the other day. I wasn’t high, but they still tasted like the nectar of the Gods. The package tells you to microwave them for a few seconds to make them even better. Obey those instructions.

  • 3

    Classy Cufflinks

    Because nothing says, “I really want this position” during a job interview like weed cufflinks.

  • 4

    Catnip Marijuana Leaf and Joint Toys Wool Felt

    Maybe your stoner friend is also your crazy cat lady friend. Get her these felt catnip holders and she can finally enjoy being high with a friend... the cat.

  • 5

    Stoner Soap

    Smelling like weed after smoking it is amateur. Smelling like weed all the damn time is for the TRUE fan.

  • 6

    Pot Stocking

    Well you’re going to need something to hold all these gifts.

  • 7

    A Beto O’Rourke Bumper Sticker

    You gotta appreciate a politician who isn’t so opposed to legalizing it. Right, El Paso?