Good things come to those who wait ... classic things to!

46 years ago, a Nebraska man had his scooter stolen.  (My bike means more to me than just about anything so I can imagine how the poor guy felt.)  He must have spent the last 4 decades doing great things because he has been rewarded.

The bikes back!


U. S. Customs officers snagged the bike in L. A. just as it was about to leave for Japan. The 1953 Triumph (originally purchased for $300) is in great shape and is now valued at $9,000.  The owner hadn't insured it so it seemed lost to some (insert expletives here) bike thief forever.  Well, almost forever.  The original owner was found, still living in Omaha Nebraska, and officials are in the process of returning his baby!

Talk about happy endings!  Now, I hope and pray that he is still healthy enough, and able to, ride.  That would make for an awesome reunion!