Don't worry, things are fine with Iron Maiden!

Steve Harris has a side project these days called British Lion and they're out on the road doing a full blown European tour.  The coolest part? Harris is getting back to his roots doing only club dates.  No arenas or stadiums .... clubs, bars and dives only!

Harris says:

It's fantastic to get out there and once again experience the sheer vibrancy of small clubs with the fans right up front and in your face. I think the fans will enjoy that too. It's exciting, going back to the roots, and it's going to be fantastic. We are taking this to clubs all round Europe — a full club tour, with club shows at club prices, hot, sweaty and loud. We have no idea how many people will turn out to see us, as it's obviously very recent and very new, so we have kept the venues small with tickets priced accordingly as low as we reasonably could.

Being that Europe isn't exactly a road trip away, I found some footage of the band tearing it up in Cologne for you.


Wanna see more??  All righty then ... click this link!