Greetings from Lafayette, Louisiana, where the entire city is suffering a hangover from yesterday's Mardi Gras celebrations! Check out some of my favorite things from from this past week, including some awesome pictures from El Paso's own Mardi Gras party:

  • El Paso Celebrates Fat Sat.

    El Paso had it's own Mardi Gras celebration with Fat Sat., and I have to say, it looks like you guys know how to party. Were you at the party? Check out the pictures from the party and see if you can find yourself!
  • Duke Questions El Paso Times

    UTEP's big win left some questions hanging for Duke, who wrote an opinion piece about why the paper wrote its coverage based on the national televised coverage of the game. Duke, once again, proves how big his brain is with this one, which is definitely worth a read.
  • How Well Do You Know Your Presidents?

    In honor of Presidents Day, Buzz sent his boy-servant, Fernie, out to see how well El Pasoans know their presidents with a game of Presidents Name Game. While the people of El Paso did pretty well, the hilarity ensues when Buzz makes Fernie the target of the game.
  • Fat Tuesday Beads for Bikers

    Now, I was on a Mardi Gras float yesterday in Lafayette. I saw thousands (not an exaggeration) of beads, but I didn't see any as kick-ass as the ones Glenn found. Check them out and put them on your wish list for next year.
  • Rocking to the Q on RadioPup

    As always, I'm rocking out to KLAQ on RadioPup. You can download the app FREE in the iTunes Store or Android Market and listen no matter where you are, too!