I may spend most of my time in New York City, but it was in El Paso that I witnessed my first mugging! I was driving up Mesa yesterday with a KLAQ coworker when I had my mugging-witnessing cherry popped.

We were driving up Mesa in the afternoon when we noticed a bunch of people suddenly run out of Luby's restaurant. It appeared that two women and a man were chasing another man (pictured above). The pursued man then dropped a purse on the ground and continued running. The chasing trio collected the purse and then returned to the restaurant.

No cars on the busy street stopped. No one in the trio continued chasing. That was it. My coworker and I arrived at our destination and I said I should have taken a photo so I could post about it so we then went to see if we could find the mugger. We found him wandering not far from the mugging (okay, so more of a purse-snatching really, but I'm a girl, I'm allowed to be dramatic) scene. We then cautiously circled around to obtain this pic.

So I guess now I can take witnessing a mugging off my bucket list. Thanks, El Paso!

UPDATE: According to the El Paso Times, the alleged purse-snatcher,  Luis Araujo, was arrested in connection with the crime yesterday evening.