There's probably a reason I'm called Stephanie the Corporate Computer Babe and not Stephanie the Corporate Cupcake Baker. I got the urge to be all domestic this weekend and get my bake (and nerd) on by making Super Mario cupcakes. Seemed easy enough. I think it's safe to say that THIS woman's place isn't in the kitchen, but behind a computer or in a video game chair. Check out me trying my hand at being a domestic goddess below:

  • Just for a frame of reference, this is kinda how I wanted my cupcakes to look. Being a huge fan of all things Mario (Except Mario Bros. 2 because that junk should have never been allowed to happen) I thought it would be fun to make. I didn't expect mine to come out as good as these, but I was hoping they'd look better than something decorated by a blind elephant.

  • Step One: Mixing the batter

    Okay, so technically step one was preheating the oven and breaking some eggs and then fishing out all the pieces of shell that fell from said eggs into the batter, but what do you think this is, an effing recipe site? Everyone poses for goofy photos pretending to eat batter when making cupcakes, right?

  • Making a duck face is a crucial element of removing cupcakes from the oven

  • Umm, I think I did something wrong ...

    Somehow it looks nothing like the picture. Decorating is some serious business, you guys. I think Martha Stewart is a witch!

  • Do we give up when our cupcakes look like a 5-year-old made them? NO!

    If Lance Armstrong can ride a bike with only one nut, I can make a cupcake that looks like a grownup decorated it, dammit!


    Take that, 'Cupcake Wars!'

  • We hope you enjoyed this segment of Cooking With Stephanie ...

    ... because it's something she'll probably never do again. Now, someone order me a pizza!

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