I demonstrated the depths of my loneliness (and craziness) last week with my series of photos of my stuffed Curious George all over Buffalo.

George sure does get around! He spent last week in Atlantic City. A monkey can get in a lot of trouble in a casino. Check out the pictures from his Atlantic City adventure below. Rumor has it that George is headed to El Paso next. Also, that I'm headed straight to the looney bin. I think a straight jacket may be a good look for me.

The highlight of George's trip was when he was nearly kidnapped on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. I was trying to get the perfect shot of him sitting on the side of a balcony. My coworkers warned me that he was going to fall. I ignored their warnings, and sure enough, George fell about three stories down onto the boardwalk. I went running after him and when I finally got down the stairs and onto the boardwalk, I saw his little furry legs disappearing inside the jacket of an obviously drunk man.

With my coworkers watching from the balcony, I ran up to the man and his friend and yelled, "Mister, you have my monkey!!" I'm completely sane, I swear. The man handed George back over to me and said, "You're lucky he's not a baby." Uhh, okay. The kidnapping was thwarted and rumor has it George will be in El Paso this week.