Nigel, Derek and the rest of the guys (except the drummers) turned 30 yesterday!

This Is Spinal Tap is required viewing for any rocker!  The hysterical tale of an english heavy metal band trying their best to milk one more tour out of their fading career while everything goes wrong.  (I swear, it's like I planned their tour!)

In honor of this milestone, a few real rockers have told their own Spinal Tap-ish stories. Read about Tom Sholz and Ted Nugent by clicking the links.

Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images

As for me, I've seen plenty of weirdness including:

  • The time Sammy Hagar ran onstage and clothes-lined himself on a low beam.  He was OUT for a few seconds!
  • CJ from Drowning Pool coaxing my daughter and her friend (both black belts) into punching him to see how hard they hit. Knocked the wind out of him and left a nice red fist print on his stomach for the rest of the evening!
  • Tommy Lee breaking out the "booby-cam" right after I reassured park officials that Tommy understood The Q bbq is a "family friendly" event.
  • Finding apples turned into pipes, a first for me.  (No names though, sorry.)
  • The time The Vanished had to double back for the guitarist they left in the restroom at the Petro near Horizon.
  • The bus breakdown that resulted in Flyleaf literally hitchhiking to Balloonfest!

Duff McKagan has a story that makes even the Spinal Tap guys shake their heads.