Haven't you ever wanted to hang out with the characters from your favorite shows in the bars where they hang?  I do!

From Rosie's Bar in M*A*S*H to Merlotte's in True Blood. There have been so many stories, people, mysteries and laughs in them that it make us want to be sitting there as well with a nice cold beer.

Let's start with Rosie's Bar from M*A*S*H. Imagine raising a few there with the flirtatious "Hawkeye" Pierce and his pal, 'Trapper' John McIntyre.  (Plus, following Trappers departure, clean cut B. J. Hunnicut.)  Watching their crazy shenanigans, and often feeble attempts at picking up a nurse, would be a blast.  Those guys were quite the pair.

Then we have the place where everybody knows your name; Cheers. Between Sams constant hitting on any female within sight, Carlas' sometimes nasty disposition, Cliffs neverending string of tall tales and bad advice and Norms constant presence, that place would have been a blast to visit.  (Though going beer for beer with Norm would probably have caused me almost instant liver failure!)

Ex-boxer, Moe Szyslak is the man that the drunks of Springfield look up to.  I have to admit, Moe's is the most rocking bar on the list.  Aerosmith played it as did the Red Hot Chili Peppers and a thousand other rockers!  (The "Duff" beer they guzzle there was actually inspired by G n R bassist "Duff" McKagan!)

The Drunken Clam.  I'd love to knock back a few Pawtucket Patriot drafts with Peter, Joe, Glenn and the others.  They pull some wild stuff after visiting "The Clam" (I'm not even going to get into that name ... or the logo they use.) but Brian is the one I'd most like to get trashed with!

Creepiest bar in my top 5?  Merlotte's from True Blood.  C'mon, swamps are creepy enough as it is, even without vampires sneaking around in the fog.  Honorable mention to Fangtasia, but I like Merlotte's.  They both bring in plenty of uber-hotties, but Merlottes is a little friendlier and, well to be honest, owner Sam Merlotte can make me a stiff one any time he wants!

There it is.  In honor of St. Patrick's day, my top 5 favorite ... nonexistent ... bars.  What's your favorite, "imaginary" bar? Comment below or on The Q facebook page!