Yep, they're going up!!  Which is good news because, if I'm going to be tailgated by a car with foreign plates and no insurance; I want that sucker MOOOOVIN'!!

According to the El Paso Times,

"The Texas Transportation Commission approved 75 mph speed limits for nearly 1,500 miles of interstate in 60 counties, including El Paso County. The 75 mph speed limit in the area would be from from the New Mexico state line to Mile Marker 8 and Mile Marker 36 south of El Paso to the El Paso-Hudspeth County line."

Seriously, out on the highway I'm all for this!  As you get closer to town though, I wonder.  For El Paso, this should come with conditions!  Here are my top 5 ..... 75 mph is ok as long as:

A) There is at least 50 feet of space from car to car. (A mile if it's within 2 hours of "last call"!)

B) There are no curves, hills, slopes or bends along that stretch of highway. None. Period.

C) There are no more than 3 drops of water present on the highway. (You know El Chuco and rain .....)

D) There are NO police present. At all.  (Seriously, the second El Pasoans see a cop, they will immediately and abruptly cut their speed by anywhere from 50 - 70%.  Thus negating whatever positive effects this change may bring and/or setting a new record for "rear-enders.")

E) No more than 10 people per vehicle.  (Infants/small children riding in abuelitas lap must be held with BOTH arms.)

Standard texting, eating, applying makeup and wrestling with back seat passenger rules apply.

I think that's about it ... anything else??