Chris Cornell isn't the only Soundgarden member to do his own thing!

Ben has a solo cd in the works due to drop in August! It will be titled In Deep Owl and a sample of it has now been made available!

It started out to be just Ben and an acoustic guitar, but after Soundgarden/Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron and former Pearl Jam drummer Matt Chamberlain got on board, things got louder!

According to Shepherd, In Deep Owl was inspired by the studio it was recorded in. He says:

Gerry Amandes runs a studio [in Interbay] behind a sex club, but it was where we could record, all day and all night, at all volumes.” “This studio is where the bulk of recording seemed to go on, but it kept the main vibe of bohemian industrial and beat nickery.”

Sounds interesting! To check out the first track, "Baron Robber", click here!!