Ok, I don't watch a lot of tv ... but the few things I do watch; dammit I want to continue to watch!!!!!!!

Direct tv wants to pull a bunch of programming and one of my favorite shows will go away if they do.  Can't have that, I need my Sons Of Anarchy.  Nooooooooo!! 

Some of your favorites may be going away as well!  

Some markets .. I'm not sure about ours .. may even lose their local FOX affiliate! 

I first learned about this on direct tv.  Today I read an article by S. O. A. creator Kurt Sutter and he really spells it all out!  Follow the link to read what he has to say about this injustice at yahoo.com

According to another article, what direct tv wants could amount to a 40% increase for the same programming we're already getting!  Read that article via hollywoodreporter.com

If any of your favorite shows are about to go away, there are a couple of things you can do.  Call direct tv and tell them how you feel and, if you have access to facebook, like the page below!! 

They've done it before and I'm sure they won't mind doing it again! 

SOA may not be your thing, but I bet you that somewhere in this mess one of your favorite shows (or your fox affiliate!) may be about to go away. It's happened before and I'm sure the big corporate types won't hesitate to do it again.  Speak up everyone, let 'em know  how you feel!!

Save The Sons ....... and all those other shows!!!!!!! :)