Howdy! Remember I mentioned awhile back I was going to see Social Distortion in Arizona and that I would put up a couple of pics when I could? Well, long story short, I finally found my cameras USB cable so here you go!!

They're not the greatest shots (and I had had quite a few shots) but you'll get the idea!

SD always bring it! Soon enough, they're bringing it here ... catch them in April at Club 101!! Keep listening to The Q and checking in at for free tickets! 

Since we were in Arizona anyway, I had to make my pilgrimage to Tombstone. I've always been into old west history and Tombstone is one of those places where you can still feel it. You can practically smell the gunpowder! 

If you're ever looking for a quick weekend trip, this place rocks. Whether you're into history or not, (and here it's hard not to be .. it's still alive), you'll have fun. We didn't stay long this time, but I'm planning a bike trip up there soon. Probably take the ghost tour next time .. definately bringing back pictures from that.

Hopefully with a "friend" or two in them!