Soccer can be known for flopping. Guys flailing around simply because an opponent breathed on him. But this, was a genuinely scary moment for Fernando Torres. Last night Atletico Madrid was taking on Deportivo la Coruna, and on a play where Torres went up for a header, he collided with an opponent and immediately dropped to the ground. And you can tell by the players reactions, it wasn't a flop. In fact, it was more than a typical injury. The team called it a "traumatic brain injury."

This reminds me of a moment that I had during a baseball game when I was in junior high. I had leaned into a pitch, and that was the last thing I remember. The next thing I remember, was looking up to my coach, my dad and the umpire standing over me telling me to not get up. Apparently, I took the pitch right in the ear, and even with the helmet on, it knocked me out cold. When I fell, I landed on the top of my head and they thought I had broken my neck. Well, thankfully one ambulance ride later, I had just sprained my neck pretty bad.