They say it's because they find the photos "inflammatory" and fear their publication may result in more terrorist acts.  And we're safe from such acts until then??

Enflame Ladens' followers more??  C'mon .. extremists aren't the most rational people to begin with.  (Show 'em a females ankle and they flip out!)  They're at war with us.  We just popped their leader.  How much more "enflamed" does the White House think they can get?  Please.

I was pretty pissed on 9/11 ... as were we all ... and no one has ever worried that showing us those pictures was going to incite us to acts of violence.  (We were all pretty much past angry!!) 

Note to White House:  If there's a reason to not release those pictures, then don't release them.  (Unless the plan is to wait 2 years then do it, as with the infamous birth certificate.)  But give us a better reason than this.  Better yet, put them on a website you have to pay to get into ... it'll probably pay off the national debt!

And quit going on and on about how YOU are sure it was him. If you believe it, we believe it.

After all, you've never lied to us before.  Right?