So, the conversations with Lisa and Veronica have continued since my posting of our argument over how much easier it is for women to get dates than guys. They still claim it's harder, even though you guys have helped me prove that it's easier...with a massive 84% crushing of their position. Thank you, by the way. So let's try and figure out why they're bitching!

They claim that guys won't come ask them out. But when I asked if they showed any signs of interest in having guys approach them, all they could tell me were stories of not knowing about guys' interest.

First off, if you want guys to approach you, you sort of need to at least pay attention to what's going on, right? If a guy is looking at you and you have no idea, you're probably not giving him the impression you want to be approached. Do you do anything to show guys that you're open, or just stay in your flock of girls, using them as protection from the outside world?

I get these emails about dating tips (don't ask how they got started), and here's some of the advice from some of them:

Hold His Look - Apparently, the thing to do is to hold his gaze a bit to show him you're interested. Do you do this? Does it work?
Pay Attention To Him - Do you listen to him and laugh at his jokes? Small touches and stuff like that to show you're interested?
Verbal Roadblocks - Do you talk about your ex? Talk about how often guys ask you out? These could be turning him off, thinking you're not over the last guy, or that you think you're out of his league with all the attention you get.

Does any of this stuff make sense?

Guys, are you making the moves when women DO actually do this stuff? Be honest.