I knew there were sexy guys to go along with all the hot babes in El Paso, and you guys proved me right!

Despite the fact that Buzz, Monster and Duke may kill me for doing it, I'm giving back to the ladies of El Paso (I mean, they do so much for you guys) in the form of hunks. (Hold the junk, please.)

Our first hunk is Sean, who says "I figured since Im skinny like a crack addict and you have meth in your name, this would be appealing to you!"

Sean is referring to my Twitter name, Smethanie, and he's right, I do have a thing for skinny guys. And muscular guys. And tall guys. And short guys.

Sean describes himself as a nerd and says, "I have more computers than most small businesses. I have more electronics than a Chinese K-Mart. I can work with almost any operating system. I'm a hardcore gamer. If I'm not what you're looking for, then you don't want a nerd. You want an iPhone user wearing black rim glasses."

Ladies, if you want to have Sean come over and tinker with your hard drive, you can find him on Twitter.

Think you can out-hunk Sean? Let me see!

Feel free to be anonymous with your submission, but include some fun facts about you. And please, no pics of your junk. I know where to go on the Internet to find photos of penises if I want. Gentle (and not so gentle) men, send your pics and some info to me at Smethanie@gmail.com.

Oh, and for all you fellas, here's a gratuitous pic of some random chick's ass for you: