KLAQ and the Regional Childrens Hospital at Sierra Providence are looking for stories of kids holding their own against ... or defending others from ...  bullys.

If you have an "Anti-bully" in your life; get their story in to KLAQ.com.

In the meantime, here's a great example of an anti-bully.  Seeing this story on KLAQ.com the other day; made me realize some people may not understand how to get their own stories heard. 

It also made me think that people may not understand all the different faces bullies can wear.  It's not only about getting beat up for your lunch money...

Set to "Skin" by Sixx: AM; this brave young girl (Chloe McCarty) tells her story through flash cards.  The end result??  Chloes' classmates have begun calling her to apologize!! :) 

It's tough dealing with bullys and it's even tougher standing up to them.

Now it's your turn; Who's your anti-bully??  Submit your childs story, before December 23rd, to KLAQ.com.  Being brave isn't the easiest thing in the world to be; especially when you're a kid.  Let's honor those who have been "the anti-bully"!!!!!!!