Valentine's Day is one of the greatest holidays ever invented! I'm totally serious about that statement, too. Billions of dollars are spent to provide happy, romantic couples with everything they need to make this random day in the middle of a month special. So many pieces of jewelry are readied, meals prepared, dresses made, and CANDY PACKAGED!

They make so much candy for today, that unless everyone on earth was happily attached and bought twelve boxes each, we'll have a huge surplus!

This makes tomorrow MY favorite day, since there will be so much candy for sale, dirt cheap. I'll probably be in Albertson's in the morning, stocking up for the day, and by the time I leave work at the end of the day, I'll be about ready to vomit. Isn't that how all holidays are supposed to work?

Which is your favorite of the two days? Valentine's Day or Cheap Candy Day?