The Morning Show had an excellent -- ahem -- discussion with former newswoman-turned-attorney-turned-activist Stephanie Townsend Allala this morning about building the downtown ballpark. As Ms. Allala was sitting in my chair, she decided to use my laptop to log in to her Facebook page...which she left open!

So, my dilemma was: leave it alone, or mess with it?

Short dilemma. OF COURSE YOU MESS WITH IT! Especially after she told me to shut up right in the middle of our argument.

Indeed, I let the Dark Side of the Force flow through me...

Now my dilemma was: how?

Well, seeing as our wacky old lady was part of Stephanie's protest of the "Play Ball, El Paso!" rally in Cleveland Square, I guess that's easy to figure out, too...

Screenshot/Duke's Laptop

As you can tell, I updated her status, too.

Screenshot/Duke's Laptop[/caption]