Does the KLAQ Morning Show play too MUCH music? That's what we were told in an e-mail from George who described himself as a "Waning Fan."  Should we play less music during the Morning Show? Let us know by responding to our poll!


You just made a comment that you have a lot to go over today but you are running out of time, it seems like you are playing more and more music and there is a lot less of your show.  I love your show, have been a fan since the late 90's.  I know it sounds crazy but I am finding myself less and less of a fan of your show because I hear too much music being played.  Granted, you a rock radio station so music is something to expect however, I tune in to your show to hear you all rag on each other, listen to your opinions on the news and latest events, and all the other commentary.  I find myself switching to a satellite radio morning show that actually has a lot more commentary by their DJs and a lot less music.  Maybe it is just my ignorance or something but do you guys have to play that much music for a Morning Show?  It's bad enough I got to listen to the commercials that go on for 5 to 7 minutes but I understand that is how your bills at the station get paid so I can tolerate that.  But please less music a lot more conversation.

-- Waning Fan Robert