Warning: This video is graphic. Former Rep. Gabby Gifford's husband Mark Kelly was on vacation when his dog attacked a harmless baby seal, killing it slowly and painfully.


Mark Kelly was on the beach vacationing with his 18 year old daughter in the exclusive Goff Coast Beach in Laguna Beach, CA when their American Bulldog saw a beached seal and broke free of his owner. The dog ran and attacked the seal, latching onto its neck where it stayed for at least four minutes before the video starts. The seal was fatally attacked and you can see two other women pulling on the seal and hitting the dog in the head, trying to get it to release the seal.

Finally, Mark Kelly comes down and grab the dog by the neck, calls it by name and the dog releases the seal, showing its bloody muzzle before Kelly drags the animal off the beach.

You can watch the video below but I warn you it is graphic and traumatic. At least for me anyways.