Or rocked I guess I should say .......

I caught the band She Wants Revenge last night at Club 101 and they put on a really good show!  I'm more of a metal/punk kinda guy, but the duo of Justin Warfield and "Adam 12" Bravin tore it up!!  Even a couple of technical problems couldn't slow them down and they had the crowd in the palm of their hands from start to finish!!.

Visit them at shewantsrevenge.com.  Or, hit 'em up on facebook!  You can even get a free download of their new song at facebook.com

All in all, another good show brought to El Paso by Joe Dorgan and the Club 101 crew.  As always, 101 keeps things jumping with national and local acts.  In todays world, smaller venues with a variety of shows and styles are getting rarer and rarer.  For up and coming bands, for fans who want to see newer bands or for anyone that just wants something cool to do; that kinda sucks.  Across the country other "Club 101's" are shutting down or changing to whatever the trend of the day is.  Not ours though.  The original and still the best; let's be proud of what we have here in El Chuco and turn out for these shows and events! 

Bring your friends .. your family .. hell, bring a stranger!  Even if a show isn't your favorite style of music, you might be surprised. (As I was last night!)  If not, then at least you're helping to support a great local club!  In turn, helping to support some great local talent!!

To find out what else Joe and Co. have going on, visit them at club101.com!