(PUNCHLINE: El Paso, TX) -- If it wasn't for the price tag, city rep Eddie Holguin's Christmas light display at Shawver Park would be no worse than Charlie Brown's Christmas tree -- kind of sad, but a humble reminder of the reason for the season.

But $25,000?! Billed to taxpayers?!

Rep. Holguin can try to front by talking about all the lavish expense thrown into downtown, whether it's Christmas lights or crusades for a stadium. It's all to deflect criticism for this huge gaffe just as Holguin announces he's running for El Paso County Judge. Downtown is not the point, the MONEY is the point!

Then we find out the city is only renting these lights?! They have to PAY to ship this crap BACK?! What, spending some city light show dough at an El Paso business wasn't good enough? You had to go to Indiana for lights you could find at Big Lots?!

That's not even counting the $14,000 for "security" -- twist-tied PVC fencing and a very nice older gentleman to keep miscreants from tagging or stealing the lights and displays.

It's so ridiculous, it could only have come from government.

Thank you, Mr. Holguin, for finding a way to make another El Paso funny so America can get a Holiday chuckle. The KLAQ Morning Show salutes you!