We here along the border are well aware of Mexicos many problems and issues.  You can scratch "getting people to watch boring political debates" OFF that list!!

It's pretty simple actually.  Get a few candidates together and have them at least attempt to answer a few questions.  The secret to making that interesting??  A former Playboy bunny in a low cut dress!!  There you go; instant interest in the elections!!   (And probably a few not so well thought out answers!!)

We should soooo try this here!!  They could hold the debate on a beach and, while a sexy hostess carries little pieces of paper around, a bunch of  hotties could be playing volleyball!  On the other side, a swim suit photo session could be going on!!  

Maybe throw in a few showgirls!!   This is America ... go big or go home, right?!?! 

I'd watch it anyway .......